Why offering Infusions is important to me.

‘Whether I save the life of a car crash victim in the resuscitation room or prevent a suicide through this remarkable infusion therapy it’s still a life saved and I’ve fulfilled my purpose.’ Dr Alan Howard, Consultant in Emergency Medicine. (Founder and National Medical Director of KCSA)


KetaMIND Clinics of South Africa was launched by Dr Alan Howard in August 2019. For 12-years (2008–2020) Dr Howard worked as a Consultant in Emergency Medicine in Ireland using a common, dissociative anaesthetic agent frequently for procedural sedation, drug assisted intubation and as an infusion as part of post-intubation sedation packages.

Anecdotally, Dr Howard noticed how this drug affected the mood of his patients in the short to medium term, even after a single encounter. Two seminal cases (a suicidal woman who slit her own throat and a profoundly depressed, suicidal man, both of whom demonstrated remarkably elevated mood for weeks after receiving this agent as procedural sedation), prompted Dr Howard to investigate its effect on mood in more depth.

The remarkable breakthrough of this commonly used dissociative anaesthetic as an effective and rapidly acting therapy for suicidal ideation, Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD), bipolar affective disorder and other mood disorders has been touted as ‘The most important discovery in 50-years’.

Major Depression is a devastating and costly disease at many levels. Those who don’t respond to traditional antidepressants often embark on a journey of ever-increasing doses, combinations of different drugs, behavioural therapy and repeated ECT.

Eventually they might be described as ‘Treatment Resistant’ and hope seems lost. Patients become trapped in a dark cycle of negativism. The effects of depression tragically extend to family members and beyond.

Infusions at KCSA Clinics offer a completely new paradigm in the management of Major Depression, Suicidality, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Post-partum Depression, Chronic Pain and Refractory Migraines.

These infusions target specific receptors in the brain and have been shown to repair damaged synapses (junctions between nerves) in a predictable and sustained manner. Instead of simply ‘numbing the senses, our infusions offer a transformative awakening, realignment of purpose and restoration of hope in responsive patients.

Our infusions have the ability to break the cycle of Resistant Depression and Chronic Pain like no other treatment.

Dr Alan Howard holds a science degree in Human Physiology and Biochemistry, a degree in Medicine and Surgery and a post-graduate qualification in Emergency Medicine. Most recently, he worked as a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at a busy hospital in the North West of Ireland for 12-years from 2008 to 2019. He is author of the medical textbook ‘Emergency Management of Acute Poisoning’. For over 20-years he has served as an instructor and examiner on the KZN Faculty for the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) course of the American College of Surgeons. Dr Howard is lead author of a manuscript published in 2019 by the British Medical Journal outlining his pioneering work in the field of emergency room decompressive craniotomy for traumatic extradural haemorrhages.

Dr Howard uses the dissociative agent administered at KCSA Clinics extensively in his practice as an Emergency Physician, primarily as an anaesthetic and sedative drug. It always intrigued him how particular patients he knew to be depressed or suicidal before receiving this medication suddenly felt much brighter and happier for days afterwards.

Dr Howard discovered that there was a substantial body of evidence supporting the use of this common dissociative anaesthetic agent for mood disorders and after studying the various protocols, he decided to concentrate his attention on bringing this therapy to those trapped in the devastating cycle of resistant depression, suicidality and chronic pain back to his native South Africa.

Our Mission

We will offer new hope to those with resistant mood disorders and chronic pain in a professional, compassionate, safe and affordable manner through the novel paradigm of our Infusion Therapy.

Our Vision

We aspire to provide unparalleled care and safety standards as the most trusted name in the field of infusion therapy for mood disorders and neuropathic pain in South Africa.

Our Pledge

We promise to treat our patients with respect, dignity and compassion. We will neither judge nor breach confidence. We will tirelessly pursue the restoration of happy, meaningful lives for all our patients through the appropriate and safe administration of our infusions.