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Kēta [noun] the state of being vexed; troubled

In the Kannada dialect from southern India, Kēta-MIND literally translates as ‘troubled mind’.

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The Society of Ketamine Practitioners of South Africa (SOKePSA), the American Society of Ketamine Practitioners (ASKP³), The Society of Sedation Practitioners of South Africa (SOSPOSA), The South African Depression & Anxiety Group (SADAG), the South African Society of Psychiatrists (SASOP), and the KZN Faculty for Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS).

The KCSA Founder and National Medical Director is a member / associate member of:

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accredited members of SOKePSA.

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The South African Society of Psychiatrists (SASOP) recognizes KIT for Treatment Resistant Depression.

Read SASOP’s position statement here

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Why should I consider infusions at KCSA?

Major Depression is a devastating and costly disease at many levels.

Those who don’t respond to traditional antidepressants often embark on a trajectory of ever-increasing doses, combinations of different drugs, behavioural therapy and repeated electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Eventually they might be described as ‘Treatment Resistant’ and hope is all but lost.

Our infusions target specific receptors in the brain and have been demonstrated to repair damaged synapses (junctions between nerves) in a predictable and sustained manner. Instead of simply ‘numbing the senses, our infusions offer a transformative awakening, realignment of purpose and restoration of hope in responsive patients.

Dr Alan Howard (Founder and National Medical Director of KCSA) discovered that there was a substantial and growing body of evidence supporting the use of infusions targeting glutamatergic receptors for mood disorders. After studying various protocols, he decided to concentrate his attention on bringing this new therapy to those trapped in the devastating cycle of resistant depression, suicidality and chronic pain back home in his native South Africa.

‘My focus as an Emergency Physician is saving lives. Whether I save the life of a car crash victim in the resuscitation room or prevent a suicide through this remarkable infusion therapy, it’s still a life saved and I’ve fulfilled my purpose.’ 

Dr Alan Howard (Founder and National Medical Director of KCSA).


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0 Deaths by suicide, globally each year.
Every 0 Seconds there is a suicide attempt.
Every 0 Seconds someone dies from suicide.

Our Mission

We will offer new hope to those with resistant mood disorders and chronic pain in a professional, compassionate, safe and affordable manner through the novel paradigm of our Infusion Therapy.

Our Vision

We aspire to provide unparalleled care and safety standards as the most trusted name in the field of infusion therapy for mood disorders and neuropathic pain in South Africa.

Our Pledge

We promise to treat our patients with respect, dignity and compassion. We will neither judge nor breach confidence. We will tirelessly pursue the restoration of happy, meaningful lives for all our patients through the appropriate and safe administration of our infusions.


Have some Questions?

The medication we administer at KCSA clinics was developed as an anaesthetic in the 1960’s and is one of the most widely used and safest anaesthetic agents in the world. About 14-years ago it was discovered that infusions of this drug at much lower doses could rapidly reverse major depression and suicidality and that a series of infusions actually repaired damaged nerve fibres and synapses (nerve junctions) in the brain. Most traditional antidepressants target the receptors in the brain mediated by the neurotransmitters serotonin and nor-adrenaline and can take weeks to work, if at all. Our infusions target another, much more prevalent receptor (NMDA) causing an increase in levels of the neurotransmitter glutamate that has an almost immediate effect in most cases. Around 70% of patients with treatment resistant depression experience reduction in suicidal thoughts after only one infusion.

Our infusions also disrupt the feedback loop of chronic pain in the brain and can provide remission from refractory migraines, CRPS , fibromyalgia and other types of chronic, neuropathic pain in responsive patients.

When used as an anaesthetic, the dose administered is about four-times as high as that used for our treatments and is given as a bolus over only a few minutes. Because patients still retain the ability to protect their own airway, breathe normally and usually experience no significant cardiovascular effects, our infusions are considered extremely safe compared with other anaesthetic agents. The dose you will receive at KCSA is far less and given as a controlled infusion over 40-minutes for depression and 4-hours for chronic pain conditions.

Even though these infusions have an established safety profile, we still exercise every caution at KCSA Clinics and your infusion will be administered by doctors and nurses with appropriate training and with immediate access to emergency drugs and equipment.

Before your infusion a medical history will be taken and your weight will be recorded. A standard pre-anaesthetic assessment will be conducted by the doctor.

A small cannula will be placed in a vein on the back of your hand or forearm by a nurse or doctor and your infusion will always be started by a doctor. The weight-based preparation of the infusion will be checked by both a doctor and a nurse. We require our doctors to have experience administering anaesthesia drugs and training in airway management. Our nurses are required to have life-support skills, and experience in Intensive Care Units or Emergency Departments and are therefore familiar with the monitors used to check on you throughout the infusion. A doctor will be immediately available throughout your infusion.

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