‘Testimonials of actual KCSA Patients’ (Patients’ true identities have been protected)

‘I cannot compare this treatment to any other. Close to a miracle!’ 

‘I now want to go shopping, go to the park and not just stay in my room all the time.’ 

Antidepressants have been plasters. Infusion therapy is surgery.’

‘I now want to have a successful life, rather than just ending it.’

‘Over two weeks I felt a growing strength, energy, balance, and clarity of thought and purpose.’ 

‘I no longer have to pretend to feel happy.’

‘I was a derelict house. Infusion therapy began renovations. Now I feel like a mansion.’

‘I came home to see the old Dave. He was cheerful, bright and bushy tailed.’ 

‘Molly has had the most amazing experience. She hasn’t laughed in about 6-months so it was wonderful to see her animated and laughing. (Mother of a 14-year-old depressed, suicidal girl after only two infusions)’ – January 2020

‘My sister was with us for 10-days over the Christmas season and the change in her was remarkable! She was cheerful and engaging. (Sister of a 71-year-old profoundly depressed woman who was placed in care due to her depression – after four infusions).’ – January 2020