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Intravenous ketamine for depression: A clinical discussion reconsidering best practices in acute hypertension management

Ketamine is a versatile medication with an emerging role for the treatment of numerous psychiatric conditions, including treatment resistant depression. Current psychiatry guidelines for its intravenous administration to treat depression recommend regular blood pressure monitoring and an aggressive approach to potential transient hypertensive episodes induced by ketamine infusions.

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Ketamine and Lamotrigine Combination in Psychopharmacology: Systematic Review

Ketamine is a rapid-acting antidepressant with proven efficacy as an add-on agent in unipolar and bipolar treatment-resistant depression. Although many studies have been published, there is still not enough data on the effect of ketamine in combination with other medications. Particularly interesting is the combination of ketamine and lamotrigine, and its potential role in bipolar...

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PJ Allen analysis Ketamine benzos and lamotrigine

A rapid survey of outcomes amongst patients with major depressive disorders, who received a series of six low-dose Ketamine infusions over three-weeks at Ketamine Clinics of South Africa, Umhlanga Branch.