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Ketamine treatment for refractory anxiety: A systematic review

There is a growing interest in the psychiatric properties of the dissociative anaesthetic ketamine, as single doses have been shown to have fast-acting moodenhancing and anxiolytic effects, which persist for up to a week after the main psychoactive symptoms have diminished. Therefore, ketamine poses potential beneficial effects in patients with refractory anxiety disorders, where other...

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Prevalence of Perinatal Depression and Anxiety in Both Parents : A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

New and expectant parents experience perinatal mood disorders, with consequences to parenting ability, bonding with the neonate, interpersonal relationships, and health and well-being of parents. Research shows that maternal and paternal perinatal mood disorders are associated, but no recent systematic review has addressed the prevalence of perinatal mood disorders in both mothers and fathers (parental...

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Physician suicide / Depression in doctors

At some point in their career, at least a third of doctors suffer personal health problems such as injury, aging, or physical and mental illness, which detract from their ability to function properly and to practice medicine safely. In most, impairment is amenable to intervention, treatment, recovery or resolution. However, some conditions, notably depression, may...